he Supreme Court is the last line of defense for individual rights and freedoms here in Ohio. I’m proud to serve on the Eighth District Court of Appeals, which is the last stop for justice in Cuyahoga County. Prior to my election, I spent my career arguing complex and nuanced cases in state and federal courts all across the state of Ohio. My experience on the bench and practicing law has taught me the critical importance of having judges who have a variety of experiences to bring a broad perspective to the Court. I have the experience and expertise, and will bring the heart and hard work necessary to ensure that the last line of defense is fair and efficient.

Judge Lisa Forbes, 8th District Court of Appeals
Judge Forbes is endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party

My name is Magdalene Markward. I am running for State Representative for Ohio’s 82nd House District. I am running because we deserve representatives who actually represent us. We need more women, more mothers, more young people, and more working-class people in elected office. I believe in having a government that works for everyone and works to ensure the well-being of all, not just a fortunate few. This requires people of diverse backgrounds having a seat at the table.

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