Committee Officers

Executive Committee

  • Chair – Charles Bakle
  • 1st Vice Chair – Denise Gray
  • 2nd Vice Chair – Ron Drasiewski
  • Recording Secretary – Jo Diehl
  • Secretary – Dorothy Singer
  • Treasurer – Connie Allgire

Central Committee

  • Chair – Penny Bakle
  • Vice-Chair – Chris Engel
  • Recording Secretary – Jo Diehl
  • Treasurer – Connie Allgire

Committee Members

Central Committee members are elected by Defiance County Democrats every four years during the Presidential Primary Election. Vacancies may also be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be authorized to act for the Central Committee in things pertaining to the welfare, business, operation, and organization of the Central Committee. You can find your precinct representative here.

Precinct Maps