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For County Commissioner

Photo John HancockJohn is running for commissioner to give back to his community. As a lifelong citizen of Defiance County, John believes our county has a lot to offer the region and state. John will come to the table with an open-mind and an attitude of servant leadership to see our county grow. Decisions at the county-level have a profound impact on the lives and livelihood of thousands of people. Because of this, at the county level, we need to act on what is best for our citizens and not be driven by state or national leaders or individual egos. John is running so that the farmers, small business owners, and all people have a voice in Defiance County. If you would like to contact John or get involved in his campaign, call or text 419-980-2200, email or visit the campaign's Facebook page.

"I have lived my life in Defiance County. A significant amount of my adult life has been in the service of the citizens of Defiance County working with the Board of Commissioners first as an employee, Senior Services Director, and then as an elected Defiance Township Trustee. From this experience, I have unique insight to the office. I believe this is a full-time, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week commitment. It is not a part-time opportunity. These are the characteristics I will bring to the Defiance County Commissioners Office:

  1. Honesty, integrity, and respect of others
  2. Geniune empathy for everyone, with intentional awareness for those who struggle economically, socially or have unique individual emotional, mental and physical needs
  3. Work for all people in Defiance County
  4. Make decisions after careful consideration of available facts
  5. Active listening to citizens and to the advice of knowledgeable leaders in each community
  6. Act in the best interests of the entire community despite party politics
  7. Respect for balance among governemnt branches
  8. Acceptance of global climate change and support for aggressive local action toward change
  9. Will not support surrendering the well-being of nature by reducing environmental protection in favor of financial interests

I pledge to work diligently for this county. I have demonstrated by my conscientious work in the past that these are not just words. Thank you for voting!"

For State Representive (82nd District)

Photo Elecia WoblerElecia Wobler is an Antwerp,Ohio native. Graduating from Antwerp Local School in 2001, Elecia began her career as a dental assistant at a local dental office. She is currently the Office Coordinator at Westwood Family Dental in Van Wert, Ohio. Prior to her position at Westwood, Elecia performed as a Certified Ohio Dental Assistant and EFDA for 12 years. Elecia has owned her own business, Keepsake Beads by EAW since 2012, after losing her mother unexpectedly. Elecia would love to be a positive voice for the State of Ohio as the next Ohio State Representative 82nd District. Elecia currently resides in Haviland, Ohio with her amazing husband of 16 years, Brandon and their two boys, Zachary and Jacob. Elecia is a member of the ADAA, VFW and Eagles. Elecia is also a proud member of the Antwerp United Methodist Church. She looks forward to your support on November 3, 2020.

"I was a proud candidate for the Wayne Trace School Board in the General Election on November 5, 2019. Education has always been a top priority for myself and my family and is a main issue that I intend to fight for in this campaign. Providing a world class education in every zip code in our district and making all rural communities able to have internet that is accessible, as well as functional. With the pandemic that has affected our country, it is very important to have this access for learning purposes for our youth and their families. One of my main focuses if elected as your new Ohio State Representative for the 82nd District would be to make sure that our federal and local governments are supporting high quality K-12 schools across America and making higher education affordable and accessible. Having a substantial education should be a top priority for the future of our youth and our country, as well as other important topics that need to be addressed in our country and community."

For Congress

Photo Nick RubandoNick Rubando grew up in Holland, Ohio, a small working class town outside of Toledo. Politics became personal for Nick after his mother developed a pre-existing condition. For the first time, he could see how decisions in Washington affect working Americans and families like his. Because of her illness, his mother was denied access to health insurance. Inspired by this injustice, Nick began his political career while he was studying journalism at Indiana University. During the '08 Obama campaign, he worked to register student voters, helping to flip Indiana from red to blue for the first time in nearly 50 years. Nick recognizes that comprehensive and accessible health care is a right, not a privilege; he also knows that the fight is far from over. After graduation, Nick moved to California to work for a tech start-up. While in California, he noticed the environmental impacts a dense urban area has on our planet. He threw himself into environmental organizing, volunteering, and activism. Living with his young nieces, Nick saw that we must protect our environment for generations to come. Turning his passion into political action, Nick worked as a field organizer on a successful congressional campaign in CA-25. Invigorated and inspired by the win, Nick moved back to Ohio and immersed himself in local politics. He was fed up with the big money in our political system. This corruption has led to pollution in Lake Erie, inaction on the opioid crisis, and renewed attacks on the middle class. Ohio's agricultural communities are stifled by factory farms, unwanted tariffs, and unreliable access to broadband internet. Nick is running because he knows we deserve better. His campaign has thousands of supporters who contribute their time, their money, and their energy to ensure we can flip the 5th and bring about a better future. For more information please visit his website

For Ohio Supreme Court

John O'Donnell is a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court. Learn more about John here.

Jennifer Brunner is a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court. Learn more about Jennifer here.


Every year, Defiance County elects local, state, and federal officials. In even years, county-wide, state, and federal offices are on the ballot. In odd years, local offices including city, village, township, and school district positions are on the ballot. If you are a Defiance County Democrat running for office, contact the party at for information on party resources and support.


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