Democratic Party

Defiance County, Ohio

Oxbow Lake - Defiance County, Ohio


Every year, Defiance County elects local, state, and federal officials. In even years, county-wide, state, and federal offices are on the ballot. In odd years, local offices including city, village, township, and school district positions are on the ballot. If you are a Defiance County Democrat running for office, contact the party at for information on party resources and support.

Central Committee positions are on the March 17, 2020 Primary Election ballot and petitions are due December 18, 2019. Contact for more information.


Candidates may find the following resources helpful:

  1. Ohio Candidate Guides - the Guides include information on necessary petition forms, filing requirements, deadlines, etc. for Ohio Candidates
  2. Petitions - petition forms needed for most offices provided by the Ohio Secretary of State
  3. Main Street Initiative - the Ohio Democratic Party's training program for local candidates
  4. How to Run a Campaign - guidance for running your campaign
  5. More Campaign Guidance - additional considerations for running your campaign